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Why Choose Bellbrook Pest & Termite?

Bellbrook Pest and Termites, Inc. is a family owned business with over 15 years experience in the industry. We like to treat our customer as if they are family, understand their needs and control the pest situation including rodents. We do mosquito control 100%. Offering monthly, month 1/2, bimonthly and quarterly general pest and/or rodent control services. Termite inspection are thorough with the recommendations of treatment to solve the problem. That can involve local treatments, subterranean termite treatment and fumigation.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

We strive for excellence and we always uphold our service. We also offer free termite inspections. (Escrow & Refi $150 fee.)

Our Satisfied Customer Reviews

Highly recommend this company!!! I am very pleased with their service! I had termite problems for a while, that other pest control companies could not fix, after a couple weeks I would see them flying inside our kitchen. only Juan Navarro from Bellbrook Pest Control was able to fix our problem! We are 100% termite free!! And the best thing is their prices are affordable! Give them a call!
Erika Tinoco Avatar
Erika Tinoco
5 star ratingPests no more! I have had Bellbrook Pest and Termites service my home in Moreno Valley for over a year now and I can definitely see a difference! Before the services I had a major rodent problem in my yard due to living behind a large field, now there are none in site or inside my attic. I also see very little to no earwigs, ants and spiders. My pets are also flea free without using collars or liquid flea treatments. Thank you for your top service!-Ramirez Family
Jennifer G. Avatar
Jennifer G.
We were very happy to have chosen Juan to do our pest control work, he made sure to properly explain the fumigation as well as care post-appointment to make sure we could maintain a pest-free zone. More than anything we were very thankful for the quick response time, showing up on-time and answering any questions we had, very much recommended for anyone looking for the smoothest and fastest service in Los Angeles, Thank you!
Laila Martinez Avatar
Laila Martinez