5 star ratingGreat service! I had an Termite and rodent issue! The Tenting process was smooth and Juan was super fun to have around and great attitude. He is an expert found our issues quick and eradicated all our pest problems thank you Juan you have a customer for life
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Local Termite Company in West Covina

For more than 15 years, Bellbrook Pest & Termite Control has joyfully provided pest management to our fellow West Covina residents. Because our family-owned local business is completely bonded, licensed, and insured, you can always expect top-notch, unrivaled service when you hire us to handle your pest control needs. We are delighted to assist you, whether you are dealing with a mouse, ant, spider, bird, rat, or other pest problem. We are glad to offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, which is easy to maintain because our team is made up of the most reliable, honest, and seasoned exterminators. Contact us today to schedule your initial pest control service or to receive a no-cost estimate!

Termite Services

Heat Treatment

Customers in West Covina like our termite heat treatment service since it is a chemical-free treatment alternative. While it isn’t the right fit for every property or every infestation, it is a highly effective one when used in the right setting. This treatment method involves administering dry, clean heat to the area for a specific duration of time. This termite treatment method requires only one visit from your exterminator and kills termites at all stages of development.

If our exterminators believe that it is the best approach, we are happy to offer this treatment option to customers of our local termite service. If you or a family member are asthmatic, immune suppressed, sensitive to chemicals, or just conscious of the products used in and around your home, you will probably appreciate the idea of heat treatment. Some West Covina termite companies may not provide a comprehensive variety of termite services, but Bellbrook Pest & Termite Control provides all of the most recent advances in termite treatment and prevention.

Spot Treatment

If the pros at our termite service near you determine that your termite infestation is limited to one easy-to-access location or is in the early stages, we may suggest our termite spot treatment in West Covina. We are the best choice for termite service in West Covina because our local termite company has vast experience in eliminating large and small termite infestations. Spot treatment is effective in eliminating some termite infestations, and the team at our well-established termite company will also give you pointers on measures you can take for termite prevention so you can prevent an expensive issue from occurring later.


Termite fumigation involves enclosing a property in a tent and releasing fumigant into the covered area. In this technique, a very particular volume of gas will be employed, which will deeply penetrate into every crack and hiding place in the structure. If we discover that your infestation is very serious or that we are having difficulty reaching them with targeted methods, our experts might advise you to pursue termite fumigation in West Covina.

When you’re preparing for home fumigation, you should make sure you, your family, and your pets are all out of the house throughout the termite treatment process and for a specific amount of time afterward. We’ll provide you with detailed instructions on how long you should stay away from the house and what measures you should take when you return. Our team strives to make fumigation effective, easy, and predictable for our customers, so we’re always available to address any questions that arise.

Termite Inspections

If you think termites have invaded your home or commercial property, you should contact a trustworthy termite company in West Covina as soon as possible. Early detection and treatment of these infestations can save money and prevent further property damage, so your exterminator will be invaluable. Not only will your professional termite contractor give you a free inspection, but they’ll also provide you with honest guidance on how to proceed with treatment. If you’ve spotted any of the following termite indicators, contact Bellbrook Pest & Termite Control right away:

Wing piles that resemble fish scales

Squeaky or buckling floors

Piles of pellets that resemble pepper or salt

Wood, paint, or wall damage, including discoloration, pinholes, or peeling

Damage, crumbling, or hollow-sounding wood

Stuck doors or windows

Maze-like patterns on walls, floorboards, or furniture

Loosening tiles

Visible swarms of termites

Contact the most reliable local termite company, Bellbrook Pest & Termite Control, at (833) 334-BELL! Hablamos Español.